Teacher Guidelines

1. A student is able to change their teacher at any given time.

2. HIGHLY IMPORTANT – Please read the terms of conditions with your students during the first 10 minutes of your first class.

3. When you get your student, depending on their level, make sure they go through each topic of Inglés Fundamental. They have to do the respective lesson in the app/platform before having a class with you.

4. We understand that some people only have time during the class with you, so you can do it with them during the class. The idea is for you to practice this topic and other ones they may have done, speaking and writing it during class.

5. You need to be seeing their progress in your dashboard, so you know how to plan accordingly. They sign up with Power English because, during the sales call, we give them detailed step-by-step instructions on how the classes are, so if they fail to do this, we will receive emails from the students about this.

6. You may not charge a class without having done it under no circumstances. Be very wary that if you move a class or cancel one, the student will then feel like they can do this too. We understand that things happen, and you may have to move a class last minute, but if you do, please be lenient with the student’s next class that they have to move or cancel to mitigate hard resentment.

7. Be mindful of your time with your student and offer a great experience. If you see that the class will end in 10 minutes, start wrapping it up, so you don’t just end the class abruptly and the student then feels that you don’t care. People are prone to remember more each class’s beginning and end. This is a psychological fact.

8. Give the students homework on the platform in every class, even if they don’t do it. They will complain about it if you don’t. We have many courses, and please get to know them! Explore, use them, and assign them homework, so they can advance faster.

9. You must notify teachers@powerenglish.app when a student is about to finish their course, so we can offer them different options for them to continue.

9.1. The teacher must inform students in the third to last class before the end of the course of the need to book the final evaluation, provide clear instructions on how to do so, and ensure equal access to this information.

9.2 The teacher is required to notify students during the third-to-last class before the conclusion of the course regarding the necessity of scheduling the final evaluation. Clear instructions must be provided on how to book the evaluation, and equal access to this information should be ensured for all students. Including sharing the following links.

Written Evaluation

Oral Evaluation

10. If a student has technical problems (IE: the Internet gets disconnected), you must stay in the video call until the remainder of the call, contact the student to see what is going on, and write these observations in the comment section of the attendance (highly important).

11. Regarding the professional fees and the bills, the hours of classes given have to be specified in the description of the bills as follows:

Unlimited Classes (N° of hours) – IE: Unlimited Classes – 1 hour.

Private Classes (N° of hours) – Private Classes – 12 Hours.

11.1 The parties agree that the payment of fees for the services provided by the language instructor will be subject to a settlement process depending on the date invoices are received.

In order to ensure that fee payments are made on the last business day of the corresponding month, all invoices must be issued and sent on the 25th day of the current month.

Any fee invoice issued or sent after that day will be compensated on the following Friday after the issuance date.

12. While teachers are welcome to provide teaching services to students independently, they are prohibited from providing such services to any student who is currently enrolled in our educational programs.

13. We reserve the right to only recognize and compensate instructors for hours that are officially recorded in the attendance records of our students for the corresponding month of classes. Any additional hours worked outside these records or not registered during the month will not be taken into consideration for compensation purposes

14. If a teacher wishes to provide teaching services to a student who has previously enrolled in our educational programs, they must wait for a period of one year and a half after the student has ended their contract with our company.

15. Any teacher who violates this policy may face disciplinary action, up to and including termination of the current classes the teacher may actively have with Power English without payment for the hours done during that month.